Saturday, 2 September 2006


01:33 (gmt+1) Hm. I suppose the only purpose I have for posting is to introduce myself at this time. I'm hungry, too. So if it actually shows that I'm rushing to get as much said in as little time, I'm sorry. :] Gotta feed the brain, you know?

I'm Shary. I'm nineteen years old, born February 24th in 1987. I don't care much about anything, but I worry about everthing. Yes, it's a contradiction. But, my life is so terribly unlucky, and somehow, I'm not dead, in jail, or living in a trash can. So, I worry about things that matter, and things that don't I forget. It's black and white really. So, sometimes I'll sleep through stress, and wake up and be stress-free. Just like that. Cool, huh? :] Shary [more]

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