Wednesday, 23 May 2007

life on JellowCat

02:23 (gmt+1) Aha! I just found a way to do something that totally made my day! smile

I'm really very happy. I was worried that there was no way to manage the database I use (first for WordPress, now for Textpattern), but I poked around the domain host's FAQ page and found it all out! I'm so very relieved. =) Now if only I could get that one folder that won't delete to delete...

So, I haven't really posted here often. I'm in the process of moving my blog over to Textpattern and creating a layout, in the midst of the end of the school year and graduating high school. wink Still, I figured I should check up around here. How is everyone else?

And Anie, if you ever want to switch over from Greymatter to anything else and need some help, be sure to let me know! you can e-mail me even at crowned.girl at! Because Greymatter is pretty old and there are so many new and pretty things out there to play with! wink Stephanie

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