Tuesday, 10 August 2004

Hosting applications

04:31 (gmt+1) If you have applied for hosting during the last month or so you may have noticed that I haven't answered, yet. Even some earlier applications lie hidden in my mailbox unanswered. I've been very preoccupied lately, but hopefully I can get to those applications soon. I'm going to answer every single one, no matter if it's going to be postive or negative. Sorry for the long wait.

You're allowed to poke me about it.

Also there's a rule change about to be happening and it's going to concern both old and new hostees:
New hostees need to have their site up within four weeks from getting their login info. Otherwise their account will be deleted.
Make use of the community blog. It's there for you, the hostees.
Update your site regularly (at least once every month). If for some reason that's not possible I know about it. (Because you emailed me.) You may notify the community of updates on your site in the CBlog. Anie

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