Monday, 6 February 2006

My NEW Layout!!!!
mood: Super Duper Excited, and I'm not even being sarcastic! :)

06:26 (gmt+1) Whoa, what's this? After 1 month+ of no new layout, I've finally made one which I'm SO SO SO PROUD OF! It took time and effort and I finally understand WordPress. It was a bit confusing at first, but now it's easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy! razz

So, Chinese New Year is officially over and I recieved a decent sum of money from those little red envelopes! Today I went to my Grandma's house and had a big lunch with all of my family and played cards with the kids and changed my nephews diaper! He is getting so big, and everytime I see him it's like I don't even recognize him anymore. Well, okay I do, but I'm just stressing how much babies change in a short period of time. Hm, maybe I should add a Family Section into my blog, because I do do DO love my family so much and they deserve a place there, no? smile

Anyway, I just decided to update this thing because hardly anyone updates here. Hope everyone has a great rest of their winter! hehe Fungi

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