Sunday, 31 October 2004

Where the heck do I login to the Community Blog?

17:02 (gmt+1) So I never noticed that there's no link to the login panel of the CB. And I was wondering why no one was using it. blush
So I'll have to fix that ASAP, I suppose. Until then you can use this link. And I'd be really happy to see a little introduction from all hostees at here in the Community Blog. Considering that I'm way behing with the hostee section of this site as well (just like with everything else) you may want to use this opportunity to show off your site wink
If you're not sure what your login info is send an email to and I'll let you know. Anie

Thursday, 7 October 2004

Away away from home

17:47 (gmt+1) I suppose I have to apologize to several people for being lazy, for not updating, for not setting databases up because they're too complicated, for not sending cds back that are long overdue and so on. What I wanted to tell you, 'though, is that I got accepted by another university and moved out of my parents flat into a whole new town two hundred miles from home. I don't have internet access there, but have to use the university's pc pool. I still have to find out to what extend I can use those computers to maintain my websites and if at all I can only do so as time allows it, because this time I'm taking my studies serious. My email address is still the same 'though not checked as often as usual. Anie

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