Sunday, 5 March 2006

Fanlistings unite! ... Sorta...
music: Blur: Song 2

14:59 (gmt+1) Man! The weekend was crazy! Eating away at my nerves... Thursday night my bed broke. I was going to sit down on it and I was still half standing when it crashed to the floor. Thank goodness it didn't happen while I was sleeping. The thing was twenty years old. Anyway, it was in the middle of the night, everyone was sleeping already and I had to vacuum away the splinters on the floor. We bought a new bed on Friday afternoon and put it up just now. When putting the heavy mattress back in we hit a lamp and broke that, too. I won't go into what happened Saturday. Let me just say, I hate being dragged into somebody else's fights, even if we're on the same team.
Anyway, I thought it useful to create my own fanlisting collective simply because I hated having to log into all those different accounts. Find the link in the "Anie's own personal" section on the right and check out Love, JellowCat! Anie

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