Wednesday, 24 November 2004


04:41 (gmt+1) It's upupupupupupupupupupup. Please visit and help me fix my scrolling problem on the apology notes page? =D Stephanie

Saturday, 6 November 2004


18:01 (gmt+1) Hey, I'm Kait I'm another new hostee. I just dropped in to introduce myself and say hello. My site is at It's mostly up and running, just a few things here and there that I need to tweek. Anyways, I've got to run. Bye bye! razz Kait

Wednesday, 3 November 2004

hey! it's lizzie

05:26 (gmt+1) hey! i finally got my whole page uploaded, but there's more to come! hopefully some of you guys will come on over to my site and maybe check out the guestbook and sign it! come to my site here!anyways, i g2g, c ya! Lizzie Lizzie

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