Thursday, 11 May 2006

Updates at the Freakshoe and new hostee
music: Farin Urlaub Racing Team - Wunderbar

18:01 (gmt+1) There have been updates at the freakshoe, my personal website. Also, I've posted new must clicks. You should pay them a visit, they're 99% ad free! big grin Check out the first one, Berlin Newcomerbands if you live in or near Berlin. It's a portal for new bands and a great place to find new music or cool concerts. I've been added to the BNB Suporters which basically means that I'll do what I have always done: Support Newcomers. But now I'm doing it officially! Very cool!
Also, let me introduce to you the new "face" in our community: Erin of Singlehood Bliss. She runs a website with a great topic and you should all go check it out!!! Anie

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