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Hello You. Welcome to round three. As you can see this is the time for shameless self expression and complacency. Once again this is all about me. Because I need this ego-boost which an own website represents. Because I'm so crazy in love with myself and need to be the center of attention. Because I have no life.

See the picture? That's me. I drew myself. I don't carry a paintbrush everywhere I go. I don't even paint. The paintbrush was supposed to be a pencil, but I'm too stupid to draw a pencil. Just so you know. But I do carry a camera with me at all times. Even though I might lack the photographic talent, I do take a lot of pictures.
Oh, and you see the light bulb, right? That's essential. Because that stands for an idea. I have a lot of ideas. All the time. Good ideas, bad ideas, crazy ideas, stupid ideas, smart ideas, absurd ideas. Ideas for breakfast and ideas with strawberry juice. That's why I have this website. I need a place to dump all that mental crap.

Now, if you would like to waste some time here go right ahead. And if you do find something you like don't hesitate to tell me. After all, this is all about embalming my ego! Hatemail and the like you can send to this address:

Love goes out to all of you!


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